Chaparral Black Pearl Edition

Black Pearl Edition

H2O 23 Sport Tower Black 1

Pictured is the Chaparral H2O 23 Sport Black Pearl Edition.


Meet the Black Pearl Edition of the Chaparral H2O!

This custom edition Chaparral is available at our store. The Black Pearl

Edition can be ordered in the entire Chaparral H2O line, in the 19 Sport, 21

Sport and the New 23 Sport. The look is Elegant, Fast, and just plain Tough!

For this custom build we use an all black Hull Bottom and Sides, and accent

the boat with a hull side stripe. Hull Stripe color options include Yellow,

Lime Green, Blue, Silver, Red just to name a few. When custom Ordering

a Black Pearl Edition Chaparral H2O from our store, you choose the

striping color. You end up with a Custom Black boat, that is one of a kind.

Call our store with any questions, 717-859-1121.

Watch as Duane Hartman does a walk through of a SOLD Chaparral 23 Sport Black Pearl Edition. 

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Pictured is Jeff with his new Chaparral H2O 21 Sport Black Pearl Edition Chaparral.

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Pictured is Jonathan and his wife Theresa with their new Chaparral H2O 23 Sport Black Pearl Edition.