Their mother was a sailboat. Their father was a surfboard.

The Hobie MirageDrive is the primary propulsion system for Hobie Mirage Kayak Models.

Whether it's kayaking, fishing or Sailing, Hobie has you covered.

Welcome to the Hobie family!

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Picture taken in our showroom at Lancaster County Marine.

At Lancaster County Marine we have over 300 Hobie Kayaks in stock! 

At Hobie, helping people have unforgettable on-the-water experiences, ranks supreme.

We believe that kayaking and fishing should be accessible, rewarding and - above all else - fun. This starts 

with locomotion. For many kayakers, long hours of paddling can dampen their fun factor, and paddle splashes

 can startle fish and wildlife. So we asked a hard question: Why labor to pull with your arms when it's infinitely 

more efficient to push with your legs?

The genius behind the Hobie MirageDrive's double-scissor action was developed by carefully studying 

how penguins swim. Our engineers realized that these amazing birds' efficient fin stroke was a perfect 

solution to powering your kayak or boat. After countless hours of R&D and miles of on-the-water pedaling, 

our breakthrough design linked a pair of cockpit-mounted pedals to a set of powerful underwater fins that

 are constructed out of a flexible, durable plastic. When pedaled, the fins flex to assume the shape of a propeller 

blade, scissoring back and forth on both the front stroke and back stroke, yielding a smooth, efficient ride.

Hobie's new innovative MirageDrive with Glide Technology propels kayaking and fishing into a brave new 

era by combining the ease and go-all-day endurance of flatland cycling with the joys of kayaking. Whether

 it's punching across an exposed patch of water, exploring new casting grounds, or nosing through a mangrove

 forest at sunset, Hobie's MirageDrive delivers snappy, reliable performance, confidence-inspiring power and 

all-day efficiency. But this is only one element of what makes kayaking and fishing, Hobie-style, so sweet.    


Pictured is part of our inside showroom where we have Hobie Kayaks on display.

Lancaster County Marine is your Hobie Kayaks Premier Dealer!

With over 300 Hobie Kayaks in stock, we are confident that you will find the right Hobie Here!

Our goal is to get you into the right Hobie Kayak model, and give you expert advise to assist you

in making the best purchase. Our color selection is excellent, and represented in our showroom

where you will find 450 kayaks on display! Sit in a Hobie in our showroom and demo the drive! 

Confidence and education are key to knowing how to operate the Hobie. We have a member

of the Hobie Fishing Team that works Full-Time at our store, and gives you a clinic on the 

Hobie Kayak that you buy. You will like the way that you are treated!


We Strive to be the Best in Service after the Sale!

  We are committed to Service, and have a large stock of Hobie Parts and Accessories. 

Our service team can work on all Hobie Kayaks and MirageDrives. You have confidence

when buying from our store, we have been here 52 years and are currently three generations of family 

working hard to help you. Hobie is First Class in providing us with factory support, and that is passed 

onto you as a Hobie Kayak owner. Their great service to us, allows us to better serve you.


Pictured is our large Hobie Accessory Department and floor demo Stands. 

newhobie outback

We are excited to announce that the all New Hobie Outback is here! Visit our showroom to see

this Newly designed Hobie, in all color options! Call our store with any questions, 717-859-1121.