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The Leader in Lightweight Thermo-formed Kayaks

You will have the most Impressive Finish of any Kayak on the water!

So Light that lifting the kayak onto your roof rack is no longer a chore!



Recreational Sit In
Sit On Top
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Why Buy a Hurricane Kayak?

There is Nothing Better than Being on the Water! At Hurricane Kayaks it is a belief that having

a lighter weight kayak, that is still built without sacrificing strength and durability, will get you on the 

water more. Kayaking takes you places, builds lasting memories that don't involve electronics. Hurricane

Kayaks are designed to get you there, and not break your back! If you are just starting out, check out the 

Santee Line for comfortable, stable designs that are fun and responsive. The Skimmer line of sit on top

kayaks are excellent paddling kayaks for the Ocean, or fisherman looking to own the lightest sit on top

kayak in its class. The Sojourn is a beautiful touring kayak that paddles effortlessly and has loads of 

storage! There is a model for every kayaker, visit our showroom at Lancaster County Marine to see 

all models and colors on display in our showroom.


What is ABS Trylon Plastic?

The material that is used to build every Hurricane Kayak is an ABS Trylon Plastic. ABS is a

stiff, strong plastic. Every Hurricane Kayak has a deck and a hull that are different colors. To form

the boat, Hurricane uses a sheet of ABS for the deck, that is form fitted to the hull, forming a kayak.

It is so impressive how light these kayaks are, to have a 10' kayak that weighs only 30 Lbs, that's 

impressive! ABS Trylon is also a very "abrasion resistant" plastic. 



Pictured is Hurricane Kayaks Tandems on display in our showroom.