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Esquif Canoes
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Introduced in 2010 as "The traditional canoe for high performance paddlers" the confidence inspiring Esquif L'Edge quickly became the new benchmark canoe for paddlers of all skill levels that enjoy class II to class V whitewater. The generation-2 L'Edge Lite in purple or yellow (51 lbs. with wood trim) delivers everything people came to love about the original boat in a lighter and more responsive package. The rocker profile was carefully chosen for the ability to boof over nearly anything yet make quick snappy turns into even the smallest of eddies. It's hard edges and chine's engage and disengage smoothly yet the L' Edge Lite is extremely stable on both primary and secondary stability. The L' Edge Lite rolls easier and comes up far drier than any traditional canoe before, due to it's tucked gunnels incorporated within the gradual sheer line. The L' Edge Lite features traditional style wood gunnels and thwarts and comes outfitted with a bulkhead style foam saddle and adjustable foot pegs, knee padding and foam sidewalls for a secure fit and maximum floatation. Experience the new L'Edge Lite to feel "what canoes used to be like."

Length: 9' 2"
Width: 29.75"
Depth: 16"
Weight: 51 lbs.
Material: Polyethylene
Colors: Blue with Vinyl Trim $1845, Purple or Yellow $1935
Shape: Asymmetrical
Rocker: 4 1/2" bow & 4 1/2" stern
Options: Air Bags

- Wood Gunnels and thwarts
- Foam saddle, knee padding, and foam sidewalls
- Adjustable foot pegs
- Bag Cages (Air bags optional)
- End grab handles
- Now available with optional vinyl trim

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