Mercury Marine Engines 15-20hp FourStroke

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Lancaster County Marine, Inc.
Mercury Marine Engines
15-20hp FourStroke


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All-in-one Performance

Intuitive maneuvering for precise control. The generous displacement of the Mercury Marine 15-20hp FourStroke outboards delivers a boost of reliable performance. The exclusive Mercury multi-function tiller handle enables one-hand control of shifting, stopping, tilting, steering and throttle control with friction adjustment.
Electrical Support
A high-output alternator keeps batteries charged and fishing electronics humming.
Great Acceleration / More Torque
Compact but powerful, Mercury 15-30hp FourStroke outboards feature extra displacement and outstanding low-end torque that put a boat smartly on plane.
Dependable starts and performance
Battery-free Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on Mercury 25-30hp FourStroke models deliver consistently easy starting, crisp throttle response, increased fuel economy and outstanding overall performance.

The Mercury-exclusive Primer and Fast Idle systems start our 15-20hp Four Strokes fast and easy - hot or cold - and aren't affected by variable fuel quality.
More Thrust
Mercury ProKicker outboards feature a deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio - the perfect setup for trolling precise control in all conditions.
Power Tilt
The fastest power tilt in the industry drops a Mercury 9.9-15hp ProKicker FourStroke outboard into the water in just five seconds. Exclusive kicker-centering straps align and secure the outboard in full tilt-up position while you're underway.
Total Single-Handed Tiller Control
Tiller-steered versions feature the exclusive Mercury multifunction tiller that puts shifting, throttle control (with friction for fine-tuned trolling), stopping, tilting and steering in the palm of your hand.
Defining Durability
The ProKicker gearcase is engineered to be rugged and durable, with robust gears and bearings and a heavy-duty skeg that's 55% thicker and twice as strong side-to-side as the previous gearcase.
Reliable and Easy Starts
Exclusive Primer & Fast Idle systems get Mercury 9.9-15hp ProKicker FourStroke outboards started fast - hot or cold - even if poor-quality fuel becomes a factor. Just push the primer button and go.

The exclusive push-button Primer and Fast Idle systems on the Mercury 8-9.9hp FourStroke engines deliver an easy start with quick warm-up. And it doesn't struggle with poor-quality gas, unlike auto-choke systems used on some outboards.