Mercury Marine Engines 40-60hp FourStroke

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Mercury Marine Engines
40-60hp FourStroke


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Quiet, Reliable, Powerful - Held to a Higher Standard

Mercury 40-60hp FourStrokes are the most popular outboards on the water because they deliver what every boater wants - no-worry reliabilty and outstanding performance. Enhanced fuel injection for boosted efficiency.
Smooth and Strong Performance
A compact, single-overhead-cam design and long piston stroke give Mercury 40-60hp FourStroke outboards more low-end torque for excellent acceleration, even when pushing a heavy load.

The high-displacement, long-stroke, four-cylinder, single-overhead cam design provides optimum power and a smooth ride with Command Thrust models.
The Big Tiller
The optional center-mounted Big Tiller offers optimal control. A longer tiller grip incorporates a convenient power trim switch, the shift lever is close at hand, and an optional digital troll control adjusts engine speed as low as 700 rpm in 10-rpm increments.
Turnkey starts / fuel efficiency
Mercury Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) delivers reliable turnkey starts, improved fuel efficiency, instant throttle response and protection against low-quality-fuel problems.
Electrical support
An 18-amp high-output alternator keeps batteries charged and fishing electronics humming.
SpitFire and SpitFire Pontoon Propellers
The advanced design of the Mercury Spitfire aluminum propeller combines four aggressive blades with high rake angles and extra cup for tenacious holding and 25% quicker acceleration, with no loss in top speed compared to a three-blade Mercury Black Max propeller of the same pitch.

The advanced design of the Mercury Spitfire Pontoon four-blade aluminum propeller maximizes blow-out resistance, with extra blade area for outstanding hold in turns and extra thrust around the dock that pontoon boaters need and demand. The Spitfire Pontoon propeller is available for 40-60hp Command Thrust engines in 10-, 11-, and 13-pitch sizes.
More Control, Hole Shot and Mid-Range Power
Increased thrust is delivered by a 2.33:1 gear ratio with 44% larger gears. The desmodromic shifting is ultra-smooth.

A gearcase that sits deeper in the water, a bigger prop with 20% more blade surface, and lower gear ratio provide unmatched thrust, maneuverability and boat lift.
The 60hp Command Thrust matches the acceleration and fuel efficiency of our competitor's more expensive 70hp outboard model.