Motorguide Freshwater Wireless

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Freshwater Wireless


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The only line holding you down should be your fishing line.

Motorguide now gives you precise wireless control with complete freedom of movement. Freshwater Wireless comes standard with a Wireless Foot Pedal, the industry's smoothest stow and deploy, four remote inputs, built-in removable mount, rough-water lower-unit cradle, and an integrated battery indicator. The 200-kHz sonar transducer crystal is forged at 20-degrees to provide incredible detail and is epoxy-potted in the nose cone for maximum protection. Combined with a build-in temperature sensor, your motor is compatible with most Lowrance units. Looking for strength? MotorGuide's Wireless Edition composite shaft is beefed up with a larger diameter and is 33% stronger than competitor's composite shafts. Bring on the open water. Wireless is not only great for your fishing boat, but perfect for your pontoon! The small footprint Cradle Mount is removable, lockable, and easily stowed and deployed. With the wide deck of your pontoon and the wireless remote on your Wireless Edition motor, you'll have control of your trolling from anywhere on your boat.

Wireless Freedom
It's the easiest-to-use, most functional foot-control device ever designed for a trolling motor. On/Off, Right/Left, and Faster/Slower wireless motor commands make it a cinch to master motor control. You now have simple, fast, and precise wireless boat positioning from anywhere on the deck with a low-profile foot pedal - use it sitting or standing.

Cradle Lock Mount
is exclusive to MotorGuide's Wireless Edition and is designed to stand up to the pounding of rough-water runs. With a small footprint, the Cradle Lock comes standard with a quick-release, lockable mounting plate that fits virtually any boat. Patent pending.

33% Stronger Shafts
MotorGuide's Wireless Edition composite shaft is beefed up with a larger diameter and is 33% stronger than the competition. All Wireless Edition motors feature a Lifetime Shaft Guarantee.

Quick-Release Mounting Plate
makes installation fast and simple. Made from tough extruded aluminum, the mounting plate locks in place to form a rock-solid connection and uses a common hole pattern. You can stow your motor in your vehicle while trailering to avoid rough-road abuse, and quickly transfer it to a secure location when you can't watch the boat. Custom covers are a thing of the past.

Oversized Brushes
Last longer and increase battery life for optimum trolling time at every level. MotorGuide Digital Wireless Edition models deliver superior performance at all thrust levels and are extremely efficient. They're also remarkably quiet.

Built-in Battery Indicator
Includes four levels of charge data to maximize fishing time.

- Wireless value is delivered with a built-in receiver. You're now free to add to your system.
- Mix and match up to four Wireless Hand-Helds or Wireless Foot Pedals in any combination. Perfect for tournament situations and/or tough bites that require teamwork, precise boat control, and accurate bait presentations.
- One hand stow and deploy. Stow and deploy is easy and ultra-smooth with our Wireless Edition motors. One hand and a light pull, and you're ready to make a run to your next spot.