Motorguide VariMAX Saltwater Edition

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VariMAX Saltwater Edition


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Big Water, Bigger Battery.

VariMAX technology gives you the freedom to fish all day with unmatched control of your boat, day in and day out. Anglers will be quick to recognize the rugged, functional styling of VariMAX highlighted by the intuitive push/pull, forward and reverse speed adjustments. The BluVis function display shows direction (forward/reverse), precise speed settings, and 10 levels of battery voltage when turned off.
These motors are designed to have the longest run time of any motor in its class and advantage of precise variable speed adjustment. Fish longer, fish at exactly the speed you want, and fish quieter with VariMAX.

BluVis Digital Variable Speed Display
The precise BluVis multi-function display shows direction, precise speed settings and accurate battery voltage.

Digital Advantage
With the Digital advantage, VariMAX Edition motors promise quiet, smooth operation that let you get closer to the fish. MotorGuide saltwater motors are built with stainless steel shafts and components, and they go through a multi-step paint process to resist saltwater corrosion.

Taper-Lock Mount
The proprietary tapered stainless-steel pin ensures solid engagement in all 7 positions.

Twist-Tiller Hand Control
Push/pull, forward and reverse speed control.

- Digital variable speed control that minimizes amp draw and maximizes fishing time. Fish up to 3.5-times longer than a 5-speed motor.
- Legendary Great White corrosion protection and durability.
- Large 1.25" diameter stainless shaft for greater strength and corrosion resistance.
- Powerful 3.5" diameter VariMAX motors run cooler and last longer.
- Intuitive push/pull, forward and reverse speed adjustments.
- BluVis integrated speed and battery indicator, showing precise speed setting and ten levels of battery voltage.
- Taper-Lock mount with 7-point adjustment eliminates slack, and features a one-touch, rapid slide-depth adjustment collar with "no pinch" tilt mechanism to complete the most advanced transom mounting system.
- Extendable tri-lobe, soft-touch handle for the perfect feel and control.
- Limited Warranty. 12-volt motors: One-Year Limited Warranty. 24-volt motors: Two-Year Limited Warranty