Necky Kayak Videos


Necky Kayaks, a part of the Old Town line of Kayaks, is best known for building high

quality paddling kayaks that are efficient and fluid in the water. A Necky paddles so good,

it will make you smile! Watch our Necky Kayak videos to learn more about their designs

and then visit our store to see many Necky Kayaks for sale and on display.

Necky Kayaks Looksha 14 - A Sporty Touring Kayak
Necky Kayaks Manitou 14 - A Great Day Touring Kayak
How To Install the Necky Neoprene Hatch System
Necky Kayaks - Rip 10 Recreational Kayak
Necky Kayaks Vector 13 and 14 Sit On Top Performance Kayaks
Necky Kayaks Looksha 12 Day Touring Kayak