World's #1 Sit-on-Top Kayak

First to be on top, and still the leader in Sit on top kayaks

Ocean Kayak has a long history of innovative designs for "sit-on-top" kayaks. In fact, we're the ones 

who started this style of ocean kayaking - hence the name. We own it. Since it's inception, Ocean 

Kayak and all the enjoyment of being close to the water have adapted to many different types of water

 and water sports. Whether a casual family day on the water, shoreline touring, wave riding fun or hard core

 fishing, Ocean Kayak has a custom designed kayak to enhance your experience on the water. All Ocean 

Kayaks now have an industry leading lifetime warranty. We're on top of that too. Stable and durable boats that

 are great to paddle in all types of water you enjoy. Enjoy the rest of your life being close to the water. 



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What makes a Quality Sit on Top Kayak?

Is it the Plastics? How about the Seats or the storage compartments? Ocean Kayak believes

that the start of a quality sit on top Kayak is the Plastics being stiff and strong, and hull shapes that 

paddle well in rough water. It doesn't hurt that Ocean Kayak uses some of the best quality seats

and sealed storage compartments. Built to last a lifetime, Ocean Kayak backs up their Kayaks with

a Lifetime Hull Warranty. Built here in the US in Old Town, Maine by American workers that care. 

If your looking for a sit on top kayak, take a look at what Ocean Kayak has to offer!

Lancaster County Marine has every Ocean Kayak In Stock!

That's right! In our showroom you will find over 450 kayaks on display... Looking for an 

Ocean Kayak? There are stacks and stacks of Ocean Kayaks in our showroom. Kayak

Fishing is a huge portion of our business, and Ocean Kayak offers some excellent models 

that will give you rock solid stability when reeling in a big fish. Visit our showroom too see

Recreational, Fishing, Performance and Tandem Sit-On-Top kayaks from Ocean Kayak!