Old Town & Necky Kayaks


Open water is the highway to adventure, best traveled by Kayak or Canoe...

Will your family remember standing in line at another mall sale?

Will family stories ever spring from a TV remote?

Will you remember yet another three-hour business meeting?

Will you?

Or will you ever forget the absence of sound?

Or how cool water feels as it rolls off your paddle and across your hands?

Or when the weight of the world on your shoulders is reduced to the weight of a canoe or kayak?

Life is a journey. And it's a lot more fun on the water.

Old Town provides the vehicle to connect back to the most important things in life.

It's time to return to things that are real.

To places where families can bond again.

And to friendships formed on weekends that will last a lifetime.

Because in the end, they're what we remember the most.


necky kayaks

Performance & Quality

A Sister Company to Old Town







Pictures taken in our showroom at Lancaster County Marine showing our Kayak Department.


What makes Old Town such a Quality Kayak?

Founded in 1898, Old Town has been building Canoes longer than any other brand!

Built in Old Town, Maine, all Canoes and Kayaks are built here in the US by people who care.

The plastics used to build Kayaks and Canoes are top notch quality, and all Old Town

products come with a Lifetime Hull Warranty. Old Town builds Kayaks that are designed

to paddle efficiently, give good stability, and has one of the best seats offered in the Kayak

world, the ACS II seat. You will love paddling greater distances in your Old Town Kayak!


Pictured above is our large showroom selection of Kayaks from Old Town, Necky, Ocean and Hobie Kayaks.

Lancaster County Marine has been selling Old Town Kayaks for over 30 years!

We are happy to be an Old Town dealer, and proud to be one of the largest stores

in the US to sell Old Town Kayaks and Canoes. The business has changed over 30 years.

Canoes back in the day were the draw for families, and Old Town was the best in the business

at building a quality Canoe. Old Town still builds an excellent Canoe, however people are

now kayaking more than ever before. Fishing and Recreational kayaks have 

changed the kayak business from what used to be just Whitewater kayakers,

to now families that want kayaks for mom, dad and all the kids. Old Town

remains the more popular brand that we sell because of the quality models

that are offered, the comfortable seats and practical storage features.

You know when you buy an Old Town that it is Built to Last a Lifetime!


Watch our store's in house produced video showing the popular Old Town Loon.