Trailblazer Kayak & Canoe Trailers


Looking to haul Kayaks or Canoes? How about bikes, a cargo box, SUP or a mix of all? 

The most popular, hottest selling and strongest built Kayak trailer on the market, the Trailblazer 

Kayak Trailer is built to suit! Start with a single level, with either round Yakima crossbars 

or the latest Aero bars, and as your fleet of boats grows, add a second level! The Trailblazer can 

haul up to 6 kayaks comfortably, and can be towed by any hitched vehicle. Lancaster County

 Marine is the home of the Trailblazer! 

Trailblazer Kayak Trailers

Pictured is a Truckload delivery of Trailblazer Kayak Trailers.

Watch our latest Trailblazer Aero Kayak Trailer video to learn more.

Check out our original video that made the Trailblazer Kayak Trailer so popular!


Do much traveling or long distance road trips? The Trailblazer is now offered with Aluminum 

Radial tires to give you a smoother riding, and better wearing tire. These wheels are a 

12" Aluminum and come with Stainless Steel lug nuts, and a Stainless steel center wheel cover. 

What a sharp look! Let us know if you want to order your Trailblazer with this wheel upgrade! 

Call our store with any questions, 717-859-1121.


Shown is the Aluminum Wheel and Radial Tire option.


A Swing Tongue allows you to fold the tongue of your trailer back for in the garage. 

The benefit is eliminating the tripping hazard of having the tongue extended, and 

decreasing the overall length that your boat and trailer take up. A Swing Tongue is NOT

 standard on the Trailblazer Kayak Trailer. If Garage Space is a concern, ask us about 

having a swing tongue on your trailer! Call our store with any questions, 717-859-1121 

or stop in and speak with one of our sales associates.




We have on-site Notaries to issue all Trailer Tags and Plates! Select a trailer and leave

 the paperwork up to us! Call our store with any questions, 717-859-1121.


trailblazer2tierPictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer & Cargo Box.
trailblazer2tiereightPictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer with 3 Kayaks.
trailblazer2tierdisplay1Pictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer Aero on Display.
trailblazer2tierfourPictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer Kayak Trailer.
trailblazer2tierninePictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer Trailer & Pro Angler.
trailblazer2tiersevenPictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer & Cargo Box.
trailblazer2tiersixPictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer w 3 Kayaks.
trailblazer2tierthreePictured is a 2 Tier Trailblazer Trailer.
trailblazerhobiepa17Pictured is a Trailblazer with a Pro Angler 17T.
trailblazersingletierPictured is a Trailblazer Trailer & Cargo Box.
trailblazersingletiereightPictured is a Trailblazer & 2 Pro Anglers.
trailblazersingletierelevenPictured is Hobie Pro Staff Isaiah & his Trailblazer.
trailblazersingletierfivePictured is a Trailblazer Kayak Trailer.
trailblazersingletierninePictured is a Trailblazer & Pro Angler 14.
trailblazersingletiersevenPictured is 2 Pro Angler 14's & a Trailblazer.
trailblazersingletiersixPictured is 2 Kayaks on a Trailblazer.
trailblazersingletiertwelvePictured is 2 Pro Anglers on a Trailblazer.
trailblazersingletiertwoPictured is a Trailblazer trailer and kayak.